to HIVE or to DEC & SPS? Answer is very obvious...

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2 more steps, $0.7/0.9, HIVE >to-the-moon
From my last post, I will rise my target price to $1.15. Looking back to the date of 10/6, HIVE is already ATH(all-time-high) and the high is keep being challenge: $1.05(28/3), $1.15(04/9), $1.57(06/10). Sadly, HIVE is just a HYPE as it usually last for a hour or 2 hours. Anyways, I would prefer put my focus on DEC (Dark Energy Crystal) & SPS (Splinterlands).

From the data of poocoins, DEC & SPS are relatively stable. Most of the time we trade them are using HIVE, at that HYPE moment of 06/10, DEC reached $13.xx/1k & SPS reached $0.8x from my memory, but obviously, the trades on BSC(Binance Smart Chain) did not follow and stabilize around $10 & $0.6



From the infomation of @coingecko, SPS is being underrated and unsynchronised. Current marketcap for SPS calculated by @peakmonster is 138m already but 92m at coingecko. Ranking is around #330. ++I would expect SPS will should rise closed to #260 Star Atlas or #279 AXS-SLP and then further to #123 GALA, #129 SAND & #135 YGG.++ The marketcap will be 5x/500% from now.

If we look further in or, from the users bases in, Splinterlands is far more than the 2nd Galaxy Blocks or 3rd MOBOX with 487k, 257k, 186k.


I will say the exposure is enough, we just need to wait for the market to discover.

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While we are waiting, ++we can accumulate Cards+DEC+Land+SPT to enjoy the Airdrop for 292 days and also to stake the SPS in 70%+ APR.++ 70% APR is not quite enough for a DeFi platform in the field of crypto, compare to the latest AXS staking of 160% APR. However, a dollar more is a dollar, ++we can see some super early players are already millionaire, I can imagine I will be the next.++

In short, be patient to wait for the HYPE of 5x in DEC & SPS and @splinterlands will bring us to-the-moon.



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Be HIVE, play SPLINTERLANDS, post for SPT!

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