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There's also a growing amount of people in the country who own miners for various coins,

Oh I thought mining was banned in Venezuela...

to the point that even our elders have a general idea of what Bitcoin and Ethereum are, and some have their own digital assets and use them regularly.

Really interesting, I hope I get to say this about Nigeria sometime soon...

I can relate with your story a lot, Nigeria is either at this point or getting very close to it, but worst of all, electricity in Nigeria is horrible, else mining could have made a lot of sense.

It is easy for people who are not in this situations to think users from 3rd world countries come on hive to leech off it at a glance, and quite understandably so, Hive is not a platform for charity as some people treat it. But for those who recognize the value and potential, myself in particular, I’m here building my stake everyday, connecting, learning,.... of course I spend hive when I need to, but spending it is not my focus, growing it is,...And as more people recognize Hive as an opportunity to build something that will be worthwhile in future, they put their all to it by creating quality content that has the potential to influence/inspire others that will also do the same, they accumulate the tokens and grow their holdings, which helps to further decentralize the network as it expands.

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