RE: Is it too early to give a FAILURE title to Splinterlands?

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One of the major drawbacks is the mobile app functionality of Splinterlands is very limited which should be revolutionized with the topmost priority.

Is it though? Cuz I do everything on mobile

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Thanks for stopping by, Yeah you can, I think you use the browser or the Keychain app for everything but the Splinterlands app is not convenient from many perspectives. And most of the users use mobiles not pcs in most of cases and a mobile-friendly environment can boost up any games.
Even from the browser or Kechain's browser, it is troublesome to select a team conveniently and some operations you can't do through mobile at all. And another point of my saying is from the perspective of the new players who will enter into the sphere, how he could do everything like an expert like you.
There is a huge market share of the android-free mobile gaming industry which is easier and UI is much simpler to spend money on, I think such lackings in UI is a barrier for common and new users to enter the Splinterlands or any Block-chain based games!