Splinterlands Cards(NFT) Rentals at an All-Time-High and I took advantage of it

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Rentals on Splinterlands are booming like no mans business and I’m loving it!
I made $20 from a one time rental of one of my Splinterlands cards over night. The last day of the season is known to be the most competitive and players want to rank the highest while raking in tons of DEC from battles. As a result of this, the rental market is always booming around this time.


Thanks to the high price of DEC, my Gold Foil Legendary Dark Haon was rented for 1350DEC which was approximately 20$ at the time of the transaction. This is the highest price I’ve gotten for a rental in one day.

I usually don’t rent out this particular card because it contributes a lot to my collection power, without it, I’m relegated to Gold level tier 3, down from my maximum level reach which is Gold level tier 2. The caveat of being in Gold Level tier 3 is that I get to collect only 22 loot chests instead of 26 which I could get in Gold level tier 2.

So I’m left to decide if I think those 4 loot chest are really worth more than having cash at hand. The reason I usually give myself is that the quality of your loot doesn’t depend on the amount of loots you are given, it doesn’t matter if you open 5 loot chests or 25, if you will get a gold card or something better, you will get it either ways.

Whether I’m right or wrong is something I will never know. This is why I will rather hold the card in my deck till the last day of the season instead of renting it out earlier into the season, so I could at least get Gold level tier 2 daily quest rewards plus Gold level tier 2 DEC rewards per battle and most importantly the highest amount of daily SPS airdrops my account can accommodate.

Speaking of daily SPS airdrops, the amount I’ll be receiving today won’t be as much as other days as a result of the gold card that has left my deck albeit temporarily, ultimately it’s a tradeoff I’m willing to make. May DEC continue to moon.

So! I have some cool news! I’ve just been accepted into an Axie Infinity Scholarship program organized by Axie Buzz!!!! Amaaaaaaaziiiiing! I’ve always wanted to be in on the action in Axie Infinity but costs won’t let me, many thanks to Axie Buzz organizer. I’ll be making a better post about it later and keep you all updated.

Thanks for reading!!! Battle till you drop fellas!

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