Sweepstakes time is here again and it is time to win hive and silver

Some of you have entered my sweepstakes in the past and we have had a few winners, to enter you will need to be quick as the tournam

Casting an AK-47 pendant video, starting a Youtube channel (giveaway at 250 subscribers)

I have made a sweet silver AK-47 pendant using sand casting and have a cool video to show,started something new and needs support so hit…

7436 Utopis left before price goes crazy

Only 7436 Utopis tokens left at a bargain price of 3.5 hive each, will you be getting in on these tokens and make Mondays great again…

Anyone up for a Bargain? 25% off price

I am selling the last of my splinterlands cards as i no longer have time to play the game and i have put it all as a set on…

Sometimes investment is a gamble with coins

I know this is a Roman coin and it was found in the Lincolnshire of England, but i am unsure what it is and anyone who can give me the…

Crazy returns on Utopis (FOMO on this one maybe real)

Last week i saw a post by @knowhow92 where he explained the opportunities of the Utopis token on hive-engine, i have bought $200 worth as…

Turning scrap into treasure Tales from the furnace

If you follow me you will know i turn scrap silver into random castings, i intended for this to have a video but my battery died on my…

(Video) Casting Tales from the Furnace Silver Pendant for a friend

So it is back to the furnace to make some more silver goodies and this time it is a pendant for a friend made from some scrap sterling…