Happy Hive Birthday (To Me)

I've been celebrating three earth years on the Hive (/pre-hive) blockchain this week. I got the alert a week ago thanks to…

Whale sends 0.55 ETH for a 2.6 million USD fee ! This is not a joke 😲😲😲 !

If you have been in the Crypto space for a while you know that Ethereum gas fees have always been an issue for scaling the ETH…

ADSactly Crypto: What Are SegWit Bech32 Bitcoin Addresses?

Banks and traditional payment service providers like PayPal charge users an arm and a leg in fees and its been a pet peeve for many…

PreSearch have an App!

Maybe its been released already since a while, but if you didnt already know of Presearch or didnt know there was an app, then your…

What will btc price be when

I wake up in 6 hours? The whales are also shitting their pants (the clever ones use the fear to aquire even more cheaper Bitcoin s ) and…

My Days! Whats this all about then?!

Well.. Is it because of the Virus? Edit: Could this be the Tweezer point of the lows?

Steem - How's this for an interesting twist... "colluding" exchanges to boost steem prices?

The "colluding" exchanges could end up giving a big boost to steem prices How's this for an interesting twist on things... We all know…

Vote for witnesses now to ensure Steem's future!

As if real life didn't have enough drama, there's now some on the Steem blockchain too. For those who've somehow missed it, there's a…

Relax People: We Will Be Alright

The news overnight (at least in the West here) has everyone reeling. Last week the Witnesses made their move and now Justin Sun made…

Setting the Record Straight on the Recent Eli Powell Interview With Cointelegraph

Cointelegraph just put out this article covering an exclusive interview with Eli Powell — the managing director of Steemit, Inc. It’s…

Look and you shall find - Turning €0.50 into $100,000

What are the chances of discovering a hidden treasure in your local "carboot" sale?? Well going by a recent find in France, those hidden

BTC - Bitcoin getting to a spot where it might be worth dipping your toes in...

Bitcoin currently approaching support levels at $8,600 It's been bloody to hold bitcoin these past few days. After being up over 40%…

Only in it for the money

This post was inspired by a discussion between myself and @slobberchops. We chat a lot about the state of Steem and the challenges it…

The real utility of Steem

Liking communities? I have been observing the way I have been using them so far and I feel that one of the core changes is that I am…

Why be fearful?

Im out travelling and have only just last night seenthe Live feed from Justin and Ned. From what I was reading before actually watching it…

Steem - Tron Partnership Removes at least 3 Anchors from STEEM's Price

This partnership with Tron is likely going to be very beneficial for the price of steem There are no guarantees how this all shakes out…

Justin says Steemit is migrating to Tron: Time to Panic or Things will be OK for Now?

Justin Sun just announced that Steemit will be migrating to the Tron network. At first glance that might be FUD inducing, but I'd like to…

Steemit - How Justin Sun Can Make The Best, or The Worst , Out of His Fresh New Investment

It's just four days since the official announcement

Steem - Justin Sun reveals Tron has invested in Steem

Justin Sun just revealed his involvement with Steem Over the past several months there has been much speculation regarding Justin Sun…

STEEM - 0.23$ broken during some hours

Hello all, Here is the chart of my last analysis : Here is the current chart :