LeoGlossary & Hive SEO: In 2023 We Will Be Great (Database)

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The progress of the LeoGlossary has been really great since many people have asked how to do it, what is this, I have even seen in Google Search results in some contests and that is very interesting, I think that having the LeoGlossary in both languages can be a great thing and we have to take that into account, also we must work very hard to keep promoting the LeoGlossary and above all use it effectively with the keywords to improve our SEO, from my point of view this is really great for those who want to add value to Hive and above all to Leofinance, from my point of view this will go to the moon for the next year and that is something that all of us must keep in mind.


How to bring value to Leofinance and how to use it effectively?

All of us have a long term goal and that is to position leofinance.io effectively and especially our blog to reach a much larger audience outside the Web 3.0, I have seen how some users have republished content about the LeoGlossary in other Web 3.0 based blogging and that is really great, both to position leofinance.io and also can be great for the promotion of our community, I think this has been a very great year and with many people contributing value to leofinance.io and we have to take that into account.

My goal with the LeoGlossary is simply to promote it effectively and that other users on Leofinance start using this decentralized database that contains more than 1,000 keywords that can be very effective for SEO, another very important thing is simply to use this to add engagement, from my personal experience bringing engagement to the community is the most important thing.

Another point I should mention is simply to use the search engines, that is, to use Google Search to motivate the algorithms to position our website and our blog and we do this by searching for keywords in the navigation bar as follows.


I searched for the keyword Threads and put it in my blog with a link, it's that simple.



We are simply one step away from being great in SEO positioning in the entire w3c and that is a pride for the Hive community, there are many other things I want to do to improve my SEO and I should simply mention that we are just one step away for a lot of people to use this tool daily and thus bring value, commitment and above all loyalty to our community, shout out to @taskmaster4450le for developing this if you liked the article.






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