DEC is off peg (110%+) it's time to grind & GIVEAWAY!

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The massive success that splinterlands is having lately is affecting the prices of DEC in a massive way. I checked earlier today and the price was over 2x what it is originally supposed to be.

Screenshot 2021-07-22 at 10.09.37.png

Normally 1000 DEC would be worth exactly $1 but as you can see it is going for almost $2,11. I took this chance to buy a lot of new cards at a 50%+ discount and sold the remaining DEC I have.

If you have cards on the Market I STRONGLY suggest you take them out. I had a golden rare card that I was trying to sell for a while and forgot. I was very disappointed when I saw that it was sold for way less DEC than intended.
It's not a huge loss for me because I instantly sold the DEC at these inflated prices but if you sell the cards now and only convert your DEC into other currency when DEC is back to its peg then you would be losing over 50% of the value you sold your cards for.

Take this opportunity to grind as much DEC as possible. I see this as a 2x bonus offer that won't last very long so grab the chance and make the most of it. I usually won 5 cents for each battle, now I'm winning 14 cents for each...

⚔️ What are Hive SBI Shares:

I'm going to explain this in the simplest manner possible: For every share of Hive SBI, I buy I get a chance to sponsor someone with an equal share. For example, I buy a share and send your username on the Memo. I get 1 share and you also get 1 share.
These shares grant you an upvote on your Hive posts FOREVER, the more shares you have the more and bigger upvotes you get. There is no point in choosing the Hive SBI option if you don't make any posts on your account.

If you're interested in the project you can check out the FAQ HERE

⚔️ The rules:

  • Upvote / Follow or Re-post is not mandatory but it is greatly appreciated.
  • Comment whether you prefer to receive 2 SBI shares or the card(s). If you use a different username on Splinterlands please mention the account where you want to receive the cards.
  • Only one comment per person

The winner will be picked by a randomizer and will be announced on next week's giveaway post every Thursday.

⚔️ Cards for this week:

Cards will rotate splinter every week, Fire -> Water -> Earth -> Life -> Death -> Dragon -> Neutral. I will also increase the prizes depending on last week's post payout both the value of the card(s) and the amount of SBI shares.
This week if you choose the cards and win you will receive: 2 x GLORIDAX SOLDIER! In case you opt for the SBI shares you will be awarded 2 free shares!

⚔️ Last week winner:


I'm currently using this tool to randomly pick one comment to win the giveaway.

@osmw14 was the lucky winner from last week's giveaway! I will send your cards right away!

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