RE: Bitcoin will go to $1M / Why other cryptos won't (part 1)

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Hey i got a chance to comment on your part 2 as well. I would say i agree with you. I'd however change the statement to the idea of bitcoin being better than gold or money.. The "idea" which can be greatly different than what btc is. Many developers have this notion of bitcoin should never be improved. Now i don't know if thats what Satoshi wanted or not. I don't think even what Satoshi discussed about bitcoin is anything like the interpretation we get today.

However i would say btc doesn't seem to fit well in a good future narrative of a better money. Now please don't mistake that for saying a secure immutable censorship resistant product on the chain is not useful in our monetary systems. Absolutely they are. .Just not in the form of bitcoin. We're moving into a very interesting advanced future. Bitcoin is not only wasteful but its proving to be not much better than our standard monetary systems. We have institutions now and banks controlling vast amounts of bitcoin. This sets up the same scenario of what we got with our imbalanced economic systems today. We have millenials who will be the future determing factor of how well btc does. We have them saying well its too wasteful and it does'nt create true economic prosperity and we want green energy. We're finding out capitalism or atleast the form we practice isn't congruent with our thoughts and beliefs so we need some hybrid something or another. So the more this goes on products like btc goes further out of their scopes and thats whats happening. So i'm not saying btc wont remain relevant to some degree or valuable. However i would say there are many danger signs that suggest btc will not be the accepted crypto to this magnitude in the future.

Thanks for responding back.

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