RE: The Growing Value of Cryptocurrency

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you should support projects like bitcoin myk and bbd coins that use an egalitarian method for earnings. these guys the few at the top who earn only talk about their earnings and success and wealth. That doesn't apply to the rest of us nor does it help the majority of people.

It's time we all use systems like bitcoin myk that rely on autocuration fair across the board for everyone and not just a few stakeholders. It's still better for most of the people to have some measure of success than the same 5 guys i can name them all one is marky mark lol. and every year they sell us on this same bs. Well it's time you all rebelled and did more than just offer lip service. Show these guys you prefer egalitarian methods and seeing that most people don't get anything anyway what the hell do they have to lose? they may as well join bitcoin myk they aren't earning anything anyway. atleast get the appreciation of being valued by a project unlike many of these guys. which i have pleaded with but they ignore me because they making good money when the rest of us aren't. We have to decide enough is enough. It's not up to them. It's up to us but crying about it won't make these guys change anything. We gotta tell them through action we do not accept this anymore and stop worrying about how much you making to have a voice and stop it. if everybody stopped worrying about if they going to make a 50 cent upvote versus change the system to one that serves you. Then none of us would have this problem. The first thing everyone goes is i'm not making that much money. Sure you aren't and porbably never will. Until you support systems that have your best interest first then nothing changes we will just be singing this song another 4 or 5 years. So i hope you all understand that. If you don't then nothing will change

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