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Yes unfortunately this is the experience of most people. Inbetween we hear a few success stories but the solution isn't keep working broken systems. We have to only work systems that work for us. Even participation in broken systems promotes broken systems. As you say people eventually give up and quit and go home. That's not a solution. It's certainly not any blockchain solution.

If you're good at gaming and it works for you that's a good thing. Is the entire world going to be good at gaming? Probably not. Is there going to be several dozen skillset games that pop up and people win or lose? Yes. I think the world is ready for global guaranteed income distributed over the blockchain but the people who need it the most have to advocate for it and voice it the most. This has to be done because the people who need it the most will finally benefit from it.

Crying to people who don't care if you receive it or not is not the answer. They don't care they live in their imploding capitalistic ivory towers until those themselves collapse in and they most likely will because they are certainly less sustainable than global guaranteed income. They think it's the other way around but they are learning they are incorrect. We just look at these ridiculous distribution numbers and we see most of the population of the earth is not being served or help. So i wouldn't worry much my friend.

This is going to lead to a natural solution that will in the end work for you. Whether they want it to or not. It's inevitable in every version of history we have to get well from these sick systems and we do. We will this time and everytime but it comes when the people say enough is enough. They will say it and they'll say it sooner than later. When they say enough is enough i'm going to be right here fighting for them.

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