RE: How to make a killing in the markets long term! 100% works

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Hodl by name, hodl by nature!

DCA long term has paid best, even the last 2 years, you should be nicely up .

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If you Google DCA BTC, you’ll get a cool website that shows you the hard statistics. Dollar cost averaging into great assets is the key to long-term wealth creation

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Thats the one i was thinking of. Even though bitcoin was down like 6%, DCA is up double digits!!

I made an article 1 month ago about it:


I got 90% of my silver, BTC and stocks from dollar-cost averaging.

With a solid investment, DCA plus compounding will make you more wealthy 100%. If you can beat inflation, you win in life


Thanks for the tip. I think DCA is the way to go and I try to set it up on auto-pilot and not think about it.