Friendly Intro to Hive: My favourite blockchain now

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The objective of writing this blog post is to introduce Hive blockchain to my local friends. I try to keep it simple and short whenever possible.


  • My Crypto History
  • How I get into Hive
  • Why I love Hive
  • How I make money from Hive
  • How I try to max from Hive
  • What is my final goal for Hive.
  1. My Crypto History
    I used to do signature campaign in bitcointalk every week. I earned like $10-20/week. Basically, I write comments on threads and my signature displayed at the end of my comments will create exposure. That time, Btc is worth like $150+, so I can get like 0.4btc/mth and I do it for years. I still rmb I cashed out 5 btc for a total of $5000 USD to go for a pre-honeymoon with my wife to Hokkaido in 2016 Dec.
  2. How I get into Hive
    I am a fan of crypto play2earn Splinterlands. And soon I realise it is built on the hive blockchain! As Splinterlands supports multiple chains, I actually end up using Splinterlands to bridge between Hive and BSC/Eth/Wax/Tron.
  3. Why I love Hive
    Let me talk a bit more for this part.
  • Hive is a place for writing blogs and one get paid in hive tokens when people upvote the blogs within 7 days. So, it is like Tik Tok but for blogging. This matches very well to the days of me doing signature campaigns.
  • The real beauty of Hive blockchain is that it does not rely on gas. Instead, it uses Resources Credit. So you will have a certain amount of action to take per day and if you want to do more, you can buy Hive tokens to power up your account. Even with no purchasing of any Hive tokens, one still can use up all the Splinterlands "energy"(ECR) with no worries.
  • Hive blog encourages give and take! When someone upvote your blog, both you and the upvoter(called curator) will get hive tokens(by default split 50%/50%). So it actually encourage people to upvote while others create new content. The more hive power one has, the more hive he can give during upvote. Of course, there is a "voting power" to prevent abuse. There are also hive watcher to detect fraud or spammers/plagiarism.
  • Tribes exist in Hive. So it is like those subreddit communities. And because of Tribes, a lot of initiative and projects can be built on top of communities and it brings one earnings to the next level!!!(Must listen!!) I will talk more in the next section.
  1. How I make money from Hive
    In simple, you write a blog (like this) and you get upvotes which will give you Hive tokens. In reddit, if you write an interesting article and want to get the max viewership, you have to go to different suitable subreddit and post one by one. However, for hive, you just to need to include the "tag" of that community and your blog will auto appear on that community feed. You can have a max of 10 tags, so just by one posts, you have upvotes from different communities. With your blog exposed to several community, your chance of getting recognized is higher.
    What is even more beautiful is that different community may build up their own projects, so when they upvote, you may even get different coins just from 1 blog.
    For example, this is one of my more successful post.
    I gained like $13 worth of Hive.
    I also able to get 5 Leo tokens.
    38.976 Oneup tokens
    1985 Splintertalk tokens
    763 Neoxag tokens
    all just from 1 blog post.

And do take note that some of the tokens have quite good use cases.

As you progress and accumulate more and more hive power, you can actually delegate your hive power to others so they do the work of curating for you, let you earn passive income while they take a small commission.

  1. How I try to max from Hive
    Currently, I am trying to blog as frequently as I can. As I got more Hive power, I delegated my hive power to @brofi and @neoxiancityvb. @brofi give me bro tokens on a daily basis and these bro tokens are backed by crypto assets which generates passive income too. As a bro token holder, you can get passive multiple tokens. @neoxiancityvb generates neoxag tokens which i can use to either delegate to @brofi(again) or use neoxag to create upvote for my blog. Splintertalk(SPT) tokens helps to improve my airdrop points to get more daily SPS airdrop in Splinterlands game.
  2. What is my final goal for Hive.
    I wish to continue blogging for Hive for a long time, especially for leofinance community. Another reason is that I love the neoxiancity community I am in. Mr Dragon, Raymond, Bala, Rajat, Kitty etc(too many to list) had shown me things I never expected to see. Like full-time millionaire crypto gamer, multi-millionaire of very focus investing/commitment/contribution, creating amazing projects, creating wonderful bots, setting up communities. The experience I had is something worth more than $$ to me.

As a result, I also start to create a local community and give some back. For example, I had small local community of 10 people to join the crypto play2earn Splinterlands game. I gave away like $5USD worth of DEC per day. Currently, we even have a private tournament among us with great prizes.
So, I am quite impressed at myself when I realized giving away $500/mth of assets back to the community!!

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