[Splinterlands] Why Are Lands Valuable?

OK, not really free. Plots are going for about $500 right now. With the growth rate that Splinterlands is going through right now, I…

Splinterlands Land Rentals? How Much Will They Be Worth?

Some of you may know I have a lot of Splinterlands cards. It's true. I probably have an irresponsible amount. One of the good things…

Russell Okung isn't 50% in. He's All In on $BTC

7 months ago, I wrote this post:

Monster Maverick Show Replay - 2021-07-27

In the spirit of the perfect being the enemy of the barely good enough, here's a raw upload of the Monster Maverick Show from…

The New 12 Step Program: Profiting From Splinterlands Starting With a Couple Bucks a Day

There's more and more interest in Splinterlands with new users piling in at record rates. With no current edition available and the SPS…

Why I Don't Care About the Price of $BTC

I was in a discord server yesterday and people were talking about this trading range that we have been in for BTC. I realized I'm a…

Splinterlands Rental Prices - A few numbers

So I was just curious about how much it would cost to rent a max level almost-complete deck. So I went through peakmonsters.com's…

The $DIDI Rugpull - Legacy Market Scams

In what is the most hilarious episode of legacy finance I've seen in a long time, the West Taiwan government has scammed US investors…

My New LeoFinance Upvotes... Only Native Posts

Like a lot of other people, I was playing the curation game to the best of my ability on hive posts. For me, that basically just meant…

The Thing About Reverse Repos

You might have seen some headlines about the reverse repo market lately. It sounds like financial techno-babble, and it is, but it's…

Monster Maverick Show Replay - Episode 52 - 2021-06-15

Well that escalated quickly! UNTAMED packs are sold out. Lands are sold out. We talk about the state of the game post sell-out and…

Splinterlands Airdrop Math - What's the Expected Value of Your Drop?

So there were some questions in the discord today when I dropped this: Airdrop sheet: Web alternative by

The Problem with the CUB Kingdom

It's only been a day or two since the CUB Kingdom went live. I've migrated almost all my cubdefi assets into it. And I've already…

Crypto Moons - A story in pictures

Source: ![image.png](

Just How Big a Deal is El Salvador Adopting Bitcoin?

A little while ago I tweeted this So I asked on the LeoFinance Discord channel and got an answer from @edicted. ![image.png](

Does Your Job Beat Unemployment?

How much do you really have to make to beat unemployment and kid credits? In this video, I run through some of the analysis of that…

Monster Maverick Show Replay - Episode 51 - 2021-06-08

It's wild times in the Splinterlands world these days. Between recording the show yesterday and posting today, lands have SOLD OUT! Next…

Splinterlands - Flippening with Untamed Packs

So if you tuned into my show earlier today I talked about how we now have a positive expected value on packs opened with potions. I have…

My Thoughts on PolyGold

PolyGold, is an interesting new yield farm on the Polygon network. I've been playing around on Polygon a lot lately. It's an…

Reading Chart Levels with $CAKE

CAKE is one of my second tier holdings. I've been bullish on it for a long time as the platform token for pancakeswap.finance. And now…