RE: New job opening. Go full time Hive.

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but probably safer to be part time Hiver full time Crypto, and seek out multiple income streams.

There is a lot to be said for this option but from my angle it's hard to commit to anything properly if you are spread across multiple projects or jobs.

Hive takes up a lot of hours to grow to a decent level and i don't think that i would have managed it if i hadn't gone all in with the project.

I have a few other interest in crypto but those all came from somebody that i read or followed on hive. The community here is amazing for learning new things and expanding your crypto interests. Plus i just love being here. I couldn't turn up every day if i didn't enjoy it so much.

I do take your point though and it's good to have as many streams of revenue as possible as long as you can stay on top of them properly.

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