RE: The Argument Over Bitcoins Value

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I read two articles that popped up in my Google feed earlier that were written with the exact arguments against BTC you mentioned here. It's got no value, it's only backed by a belief, not fundamentals, it has no use, it's gambling, stay away from it, it's a ponzi with no concern for environmental impact etc

Can't help but feel these folks didn't spend any more than 5 minutes (if that) on actually doing some research on it after probably feeling a little salty that they missed the boat. Either that or they are trying to shake weak hands so that they can then jump in!

Either way, you simply cannot just turn a blind eye to all the institutions getting involved with this and willing to buy up hundreds of millions, some cases billions, of dollars worth of BTC, to just dismiss it as "these guys are idiots, they are just gambling".

We're off to the races!

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