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Sorry, I didn't see the tag in the initial post but saw you tag me in the comments (you put an additional e in the post).

I was all ready to set up a tutorial/beginner's community and have a full guide archive specifically for what your Demystifying Hive series is about around July 2020, except aimed at musicians and music fans.

When I started the campaign on Twitter, a few folks with influence from HIVE thought it would be a good idea to shit all over it on their tweets. Ironically the whale who said "Hive isn't an additional revenue stream, it's a place for long term thinkers" had a pinned post on his own Twitter saying he "earned $20 for a selfie, come join HIVE!" - couldn't make this shit up!

So this gave everyone in my Twitter network that saw it a negative impression and I just shut the Twitter page down with only one post which you can see on my @haveysguides profile.

Naturally, I was pissed for a long time after that so I stopped doing the guides and focused on building my own blog and profile up, sharing my music, crypto posts and generally enjoying myself again.

Having said that...

I could be tempted to work on revamping my old STEEM tutorial guides archive for HIVE where we can just hammer out beginner's articles that comprehensively covers all the basics of getting familiar in the network if there's enough support.

Thankfully, seems there's synergy now between more large stakeholders and I see Hivebuzz have got some tasks on their dashboard set up for newcomers, Jongolson has a full HiveGuide program with CTP so we can co-ordinate with what they're doing and provide a, dare I say it, "central" focal point for newcomers to be pointed to for info.

I still have a post pinned on my profile listing all the niche topic communities I'm aware of to point people to topics of interest - there's 27 communities on there at the moment.

Anyway, now you know why I stopped doing the guides but if we can put together some evergreen blogs, it will serve everyone well. Feel free to message on Twitter or Discord and we can see about putting something together!

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Love this.. I always thought your blagger series was great! I wonder who the twitter troll was, I can guess.

I'll be in touch.

2 yr (edited)

I just posted my 3 years on HIVE which should cover the basics anyone needs to get started with Hive in its current state and I think we joined on exactly the same day!