5 mo

What an Amazing Week for Hive

All Good Things.... You all know the saying: All good things come to those who wait! Well, it would seem that Hive is no exception.…

Announcing BSC Bridge (2.0) | Instant BNB <> HIVE Conversion! | New Frontend

After seeing it in the comments so many times in my previous announcement, I started working on an upgraded version of the BSC Bridge…

What a Wild Crypto Ride!

Whales are having a fun week It seems that the whales are having a good time pumping and dumping this week. It never ceases to amaze me…
1 yr

Dumb Stuff I Did: Chapter 1 - Dell Stock

Back in the 90s.... You know, 10 years ago, right? Or was it 15? No matter. In the mid 90s, back when I was living in Austin, I was…

Proving That I Have a Brain

Just Kidding But... I was just reading the latest post by @themarkymark asking 'What tribes do you participate in'. He lists some of…

Hive Price Dumping - But How Much?

61 Cents and Falling Five days ago, I posted about how Hive was still holding strongly above 80 cents. I wondered if it was just a…

Taking Profits: Crypto != Stocks (Maybe?)

It's The Wild West Out There I've heard this phrase many times over the years that I've been into cryptocurrencies. Back in 2015, I…

Hive Still Holding Strong! What's the Bottom?

Feels like a good sign I have been watching the Hive chart closely over the past few weeks. At the risk of being wrong, something feels…

Eating My Words! (How will it age?)

Roughly 30 days ago... I was complaining once again about how when BTC goes up, Hive goes down and when BTC goes down, Hive goes down…

Buying in those dips! (Trading without emotion)

Trying to behave intuitively counter-intuitively As I have stated (and lamented about) many times in the past, I have made a lot of…

Rigs Finally Came Outta the Closet!

One last round before ETH mining goes kaput... So essentially I've had all of my mining rigs piled in the closet since the beginning of…
1 yr

Was Hive a Bad Name Choice?

Maybe not the best idea in hindsight. As I drop in from time to time to see how Hive just keeps performing shittily while many other…

First Post Using LeoFinance! (Took me long enough)

Well, don't I feel silly! I was one of those losers who sold his LEO airdrop almost immediately back when it first came out. At the…
1 yr

Reached 100K HP Goal!

Feels Anti-climactic But... As I lie here on the bed after pulling a muscle in my back, I realized that I was on the verge of hitting my…
1 yr

Watch Your Hive Power Gain Interest (Adjust for Inflation) Live

Nifty Real-time Wallet Tool This tool was originally located here as a somewhat hidden tool on Steembottracker.com. As you can see…