The turbulent nature..!

Nature is very beautiful, everything that surrounds us is special. But still nature can be turbulent for a while. Your Maya…

Trapped, fighting an invisible opponent...!

Spring is nature's call when it blooms, one of the most beautiful seasons. I never thought I'd be sad this spring, the only beautiful…

When nature gets angry...!

Experiences of changing weather that we can see in the sky are usually accompanied by heavy rain and drastic colors in the sky.…

Spring experience - nature smile - walk...!

Beginning of spring, new experiences start for me especially because I love nature and everything that surrounds it. Spring is a…

In the embrace of the sun's rays - Sunflower

One of the beautiful ornaments of summer from which the green fields are overflowing with yellow and beautiful colors that look back at…

The challenge of nature - Spring and its beauties...!

The challenge of spring, the colors luxurious and its beauty. Spring, nature played its floral dance around us, everything smelled…

The only phenomenon that disappears when her name is said is ....!

Silence - after a noisy day in the city, What remains after dusk falls over the city becomes silence. That inaudible sound that goes…

Spring in and around us - walk...!

Spring is said to be the most beautiful season, to awaken life and bring joy. The warm rays of the spring sun awakened the dormant…

Happy holiday to all women...!

March 8, is a day dedicated to women and is celebrated every year on March 8. This day came as a day to fight for women's human…
1 yr

Live in the moment...!

Everyone in life pursues their own light, their lifelong enthusiasm. Life is movement and perseverance. Life has to be accepted as it…

Beautiful sunset - A scene to enjoy!

Whenever I have the opportunity, I enjoy the sunset. Each sunset is special in its own way. The colors of the sky are always different…
1 yr

View of Egyptian relief from an airplane!

Egypt is known for its ancient civilization and for some of the world's most famous monuments. ![20190807_093105.jpg](

So far away and so close ...!

Of all the celestial bodies, the moon, with the exception of the sun, is the most attractive to us humans. He is mentioned in myths…