Getting free bitcoin while playing CounterStrike?

There’s already a good amount of video games where players can earn tokens in cryptocurrency and it was only a matter of time for more…


We are proud to announce the beginning of the next wave of evolution in blockchain technology with the release of the Koinos testnet…

Live off crypto and expect a fight

A lot of us would like to reach the dream position of "living off crypto", but I suspect that for the vast majority, it will never be more…

If You Can’t Handle Me At My Worst, You Don’t Deserve Me At My Best

You’ve probably read this many times about relationships. It’s quite popular as a meme or motivational poster on social media. I tend to…
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How KOIN is Spreading its Wings: BSC Liquidity Pool Established as of Today

Opening my Twitter app today, I stumbled upon the best thing ever! .... Ah well, maybe the next next next next next next best thing…

Why CUB got hammered

Hi All, here are just my 2 cents about the recent development of LEO, CUB and this frontend, just from an outsider´s perspective. Or…

Top-Ten Guidelines For Crypto

Preface: As you may or may not know, @lordbutterfly is being paid a pretty penny out of the Hive dev fund coffers to do some marketing…

Market Cycles Are Fun but Don't Be The Guy Left Holding The Bag

I love the optimism in the crypto community during bull markets. So much hope and joy! The sky is no longer the limit, we're all going to…

Every City & State Will Issue Crypto.

It's really only a matter of time, and a lot of messed up stuff needs to happen before we get there, but the future is all but assured:…

Get the maximum out of your Nexo

My approach to crypto started to change when I found out about Nexo , this is why I need to include it as the first step in my road to…

Navigating The World After The “Big Reset”

Depending on which type of media you read these days, you may have heard of a “big reset”. It’s usually depicted as

Getting a Job in Bitcoin Industry

If you are anything like me; you have probably at some point dreamed about having the chance to work in the bitcoin, or cryptocurrency…

Next two alts that are going to do 100x and FREE BITCOIN!!!

Yes you have read it wright! I have 2 cheap coins that are going to do 100x and free bitcoin for everyone!!! Hey guys I just made a…

Only a few really know how it feels !

Mount up and make a bunch of cubs ! Soon you'll have an entire den. #HIVE $HIVE $WLEO #WLEO $BLEO #BLEO #LEOFINANCE #STAKING #FARMING…

CeFi: Key Facts (Updated 2021) - Are you getting the best rates?

Introduction Around July last year (2020) I wrote a short article where I summarized the details of t

Polkadot v. Cardano v. Koinos

In this episode of the Koinos Group Podcast, I discuss the differences between Cardano, Polkadot, and Koinos with the CEO of gFam, Adam…

The Likes Of Peter Schiff Play An Important Role In Bitcoin

Peter Schiff is a gold merchant and a crypto permabear. He spends a lot of time on Twitter lambasting Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto…

Don't make this mistake with HIVE

This Tweet is almost 10 years old and can you imagine if we keep building and growing and HODLing HIVE until 2030. Posted Using…
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What sort of ticket YOU have got? With ProjectBlank still few weeks ah ...

What sort of ticket YOU have got? With ProjectBlank still few weeks ahead on the horizon, I just can't walk away without sharing this.…

ETH 2.0 Staking on Coinbase - Yay or Nay?

Yesterday we read about Coinbase launching a waiting list for customers who want to participate in ETH 2.0 staking. *(