0.01% vs 100%

Every day I spend many, many hours in manual curation. Nowdays not only in LeoFinance tribe, but now also in the new POB…

When Bitcoin was $133

Time flies fast. We made this SEVEN and a half years ago. When Bitcoin was struggling to reach $150 USD. Ethereum was still not even…

My trusted defender - Yubikey

Whenever I get into conversation with somebody about Internet dangers, about security and protection, at some point I always ask my…

Step by step

This morning I went one step higher on the POB hierarchy stairs Source Not even my

Numero 9

Just a couple days ago in one of my comment I was writing, that I have hopes to enter TOP-10 on the proof-of-brain token rich…

MUTE is my solution

I always felt there is something fishy about long time steem-hive user crypto.piotr , his never ending spamming (with 0.001 Hive TX) to…

My NO-NO list

My initial idea was to name it . But then I reconsidered, as talking loud and open about anything we hate, is not seen as a good practice…