How much do you selfvote?

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Cub, CUB , cubs, cubs... CUBS everywhere. Every second post.
I'm starting to get tired of this.
Lets talk about curation for a little change. About voting and self-upvoting.

We all do this time to time, right? Well, maybe not all, but most.
And as I see, in general, there is nothing wrong about this.

But it is not the same, if one gives 2-3% of the whole voting power to himself, and the other who does 65% or 80%.
Ever since a FLAT vote distribution algorithm was started on LeoFinance, the temptation for selfvotes went way down from the old steem days.
And it happened to many people on LeoFinance, as I can see.

But clearly the 50:50 split does not make everybody happy.
Some of them want more. More. MORE !

MORE, As MANY as possible.

As I do manual voting for most of the times, once in a while I review the voting patterns (on Hivetasks .com) of some most active authors, and big stake holders.
In general, I don't see many disgusting behaviors.

But sometimes I see numbers like this.

Everything for himself, and... a tiny tiny bits left for others?

It would not be to hard to guess, who's numbers here are shown above. And which Hive account name is obfuscated on the top line.
I leave it up to everyone of you to decide, how you would name (call) such a greedy selfish person.

You can find the recent voting patterns of any account by yourself, on


I have stopped upvoting this (and some other similar behavior) authors quite some time ago.
They accounts also siting firmly in my IGNORE lists, so making sure even smallest upvote from my auto-voter (in the early mornings) never ever lands on their posts.

I will not start them downvoting yet, but I feel I have full right to firmly IGNORE them.
Needless to say, that I will also watch closely, who are the most regular and consistent strong supporters and upvoters of these selfish people.
If you decide to be (or continue) as such - chances are that our routes will have a small chance to intercept.
Circle-Jerking is NOT the name of my game.

I am not going to tell, what one should do, or what not to do.
Just want to show some things more open. All is public on the blockchain. But not everybody knows how to see it.
Or cares to spend time searching.

I also want others community members be aware of my intentions. Express it clear, open and unambiguously.
That said, I will let everyone decide by yourself, what you want to do.

I was getting ready myself to speak about this long ago.
Still been postponing it, in hope that things will start to improve.
But seems this is not the case.

I have also reviewed the other remaining accounts of the TOP-10 Leo power holders.
So you can clearly see how outstanding that one example is. Here is my findings for the other nine:

[click it for a full SIZE]

Just see it and compare.
Your move is next.

If you care about things I talk here, and decide to rehive (Reblog) it, I will greatly appreciate this.


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