How it works - Pump and Dump "insider" groups

Hello, LBIers. Today we look into Pump and Dumps where millionaire status can be gained in seconds if you get in early enough. We all have…

ScaredyCatGuide to Real Estate: A Few Ways to Diversify Your Real Estate Investments

Diversifying is something that is often preached by financial professionals and it happens for a reason. Whether it’s going into…

Impermanent Loss explained with small , common words, not fancy math.

Impermanent Loss Today I want to talk about Impermanent Loss, but a not with math or graphs, but in my words. I think you will fear it a…

If you Run a Small Business Online, you should be leveraging the Hive Blockchain

Let's say I'm a Personal Trainer and because of an entirely hypothetical disproportionate governmental lockdown response to a recent…

Splinterlands Twitter Ban Makes "National" News Circuit

Someone's been putting in legwork on this. A search for "splinterlands twitter" yields these results: htt

Hive: Helping To Build The Metaverse

The Metaverse is coming. This is something that is talked about a great deal, primarily in the gaming community. However, the concept…

Hive.Loans Big Vision

Many of us have heard of the application Hive.Loans . This is a project that recently went into beta testing. While the platform…

Dunk Social Is LIVE: Launch Details CLAIMDROP #1

I am proud to announce that @dunksocial is officially live! will be helping basketball fans around the world create value by…

Crypto And The Age Of Aquarius

Most of us heard of the different astrological signs and the Precession of the Equinox. Who among us hadn't checked our horoscopes from…

The Future Of Everything: Communities

Of late, Raoul Pal is talking about communities and the power they will have in the future. The basic premise is that communities are…

Create Your Own Fractional Reserve Bank with aave

I realized after I finished recording that this is how fractional reserve banking works. With DeFi you can become your own fractional…

Creating Multiple Wealth Centers On Hive

Hive is rapidly becoming a thriving ecosystem. While still rather small, we are seeing a foundation forming that is going to provide vast…

3rd Edition release date

About Dcity Dcity is mathematical and trading game based on non fungible tokens available on Hive-Engine. Players build they own cities…

Bondly Is About To Make Some Noise In The NFT Space

Bondly is a trusted, transparent and portable swap protocol designed to make you into a marketplace with a ton of decentralized products.…

Increase security by using browser profiles

If you are into crypto, you are your own bank. While this is exciting and sounds really cool, it also means you are responsible for…

Project Blank Is Ready For The Limelight

Twitter, Inc. operates as a platform for public self-expression and conversation in real time. The company offers various products and…

What is a Trading Journal and why is it so important?

Video Summary In this video I am going to talk about trading journals and how they can be invaluable to any trader looking to get better…

Coinbase Upsets The Wall Street Establishments With Their Proposed Direct Listing

Back in July, Coinbase started plans to go public, which would be the first major U.S. cryptocurrency exchange to go public and which…

There will be some that will “Rise up like the Phoenix!”

I will rise up like the Phoenix. Greetings Hivers! WoW! Is all that I can say about all that went down yesterday at the State Capitol…

Reading Aantonop's e-book "The Internet of Money" (2013) for the 1st t ...

Reading Aantonop's e-book "The Internet of Money" for the 1st time. I would call it prophetic, but it would be better to say these…