RE: Tesla Making It Game Over For The Legacy Automakers?

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Oh man! Where to start. First, electricity is largely provided by fossil fuels also, mostly coal. So you're just getting a bunch of inefficiencies with power transformation and transportation (electric lines burn a lot of electricity in transport.) But you might say, "Muh green energy!" Green energy has been a big flop so far. They keep saying solar and wind will really come through in a few years, but they've been saying that since the 1970's and it ain't happened yet. Look at the Texas freeze of 2021 for proof. This, despite MASSIVE amounts of tax dollars and regulations made to support the renewable industry to the detriment of other forms of energy, and they STILL can't cut it. Then, just the practical matter of I live in Siberia. Not really, I live in Wyoming, but same thing. I've been stuck in a remote ditch more than once in my life during blizzards. In a fossil fuel car with a full tank I can survive days out there. Batteries don't do well in the cold. I imagine people stuck in a blizzardy ditch in northern climates in a battery powered car will freeze to death in hours.

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