More Rewards For Delegators? .:. WorkerBee PH-Pool Week 50

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I will be short in this dividends distribution report and share with you 2 important pieces of news about the pool and rewards...

The first news is that along with mining rewards from your delegated WORKERBEEs, you will also receive part of my author rewards paid in BEE tokens... As you maybe know, there is a Hive-Engine tribe where you can create and curate content and earn BEE tokens...

As I'm doing that with this account, I do get some author rewards in a liquid and staked way... It's not some crazy number, but I hope it will grow in time...From now on, you will get the liquid part of those rewards along with mined BEE tokens from the WORKERBEE miners... So, the number of the "mined amount BEEs" will contain both mined and authors rewards in it...

NOTICE: The mining APR will not be an exact number, as it will show a bit more than it should... I hope you don't mind that...

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The second news is that in 2 weeks, this pool will celebrate its FIRST birthday! I got aware of that when I put the number 50 in the title... I'm thinking about some special, additional rewards for you guys, but still have to think about the way how to distribute them... I have a couple of ideas and I hope you will like them!

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This week we didn't get any new members, but our current ones have delegated additional WORKERBEEs! Thanks for your trust!

This POOL doesn't have fees and you actually get up to 20% MORE by delegating to it!


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What about the bonus?
The last time when I was giving away INDEX tokens there was nice positive feedback from delegators, so I have decided to repeat with distributing them as a bonus... So, this time, I will distribute 20 INDEX tokens among delegators! If you keep them you will get some dividends in tokens that are supported by INDEX tokens... If not, you can always sell them to others on the markets...


As always, in the end, let's give the exact numbers for this week... There will be distributed 67 BEE tokens and 20 INDEX tokens as a bonus... The APY (without the bonus) was 16.354%, and when we have added the bonus it went up to 22.135%...

I have calculated the ROI approximately with medium prices for all tokens at the moment of creating this post... So, those numbers are valid if you bought and sold tokens at the current prices)...

Do you want to sponsor the PH-Pool with your tokens, receive a short SPONSORED segment in this post and raise awareness about your front-end or dApp? Please let me know in the comment section, or contact me through Discord or Twitter and we will find the best solution for both parties...

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If you want to join the WorkerBee PH-Pool, the only thing that you have to do is to DELEGATE your WORKERBEE tokens to THIS account (@ph1102) and that's it! Every week you will get the portion of mined BEE tokens and BONUS rewards!

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All payments will be made after publishing this post...

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section!

You can find more about this pool in the initial post here

Thank you for your time,


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If you want to support my witness, you can do it by voting for @ph1102.ctp here, or just scan the QR code down below...


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