RE: Is it safe to quit job after financial independence?

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Personally, I think it's better to work at home without having to deal with annoying bosses and envious and gossipy co-workers. Of course not all bosses are annoying, and not all co-workers are bad people, but you do run into troublesome people a lot at work.

So for me it has been a real blessing since I discovered (a decade ago) that I could work on my own, without having to answer to anyone. First I bought a car and became a taxi driver, then I set up a hardware store, and later, years later, I dedicated myself to working online.

And that's not why I've compromised my social life, I relate, I have my hobbies, I'm active person and I'm doing well; but I no longer have the stress caused by working on the street, nor the anger of having to deal with intransigent bosses, and I have freed myself from the injustices that occur in conventional jobs (such as working for salaries of misery which almost never increase).

Anyway, that's my perspective on the matter you explain, but I understand and respect those who think otherwise and prefer (or really need) to continue working in conventional jobs.

Excellent Post, thanks for making us reflect on this topic and greetings.

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