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While the situation can be really gloomy, there is a gentleman that knows how to bet with his money. He is an #astro #baseball fan. I have heard of him before betting on the sport. I am not a big fan of American past time sport. This guy betted $10 million that the Astros will win the World Series. Indeed they do. His final win was $75 million. I heard that the folks that purchased mattresses while he was betting, if he won, will get their money back. It is a win-win scenario for him and his business. Now you see why the money is heavy.

Further down the line, we have so much money available it is crazy to see the world economy is in bad shape. Total world wealth is estimated around $463 trillion. The number is hard to pinpoint but you get the idea. It is to show innovation, research and development are bringing more to the table. You recall once #cryptocurrency was floating around $3 trillion. If you think for example the power behind cryptocurrency, it is on the making to reach that high with so many weak hands. I know the momentum in on crypto side, the demarche will be a long road.

Analyzing the effect of the market when there is a bad apple, proves we have a long way home. One thing that captures my interests, not all tokens are created equal. Not all holders have the same need. It may never happen for many to reach the altar in cryptocurrency. You probably heard that song about the Calloway brothers I want to be rich. By digging deeper only one has money while the other one has some. I do not think they both see money the same way. I know luck plays a role as well. You just have to hit it right and be patience.

#cryptocurrency can be the last card to empower the world but time is the culprit. 2017 did give many a bump in crypto. I am hoping 2024,2025 is the next wave. Listen up folks, Hope is one thing, our actions mean more than the words. This is why each and everyone will have to do what you can control. #lpud is one example. Holding Hive is another one.
I know the situation looks dire but we do what we do. Keep on vesting.

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