Splinterlands: Ways to earn DEC (after DEC get removed from ranked rewards).

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Splinterlands: Ways to earn DEC (after DEC get removed from ranked rewards).

One of the latest change announced by the Splinterland's team is the removal of the DEC rewards as ranked battle rewards so as a player , what used to be the primary source of minting the DEC will be getting dried up soon.

As an individual player one do not need DEC as such because in game you get option for DEC and credit for your all needs and mostly player select one over the other depending upon what makes their purchase cheaper.

So I think even if DEC removed completely, individual player is not impacted as such though SPS rewards might not be very encouraging for player due to low SPS price and there is no in game support price for SPS as it is existing for the DEC.


But if you are in Guild , then there is no workaround along DEC requirements and one need to spend the DEC for Guild updates and it really requires tons of DEC for updating Guild at higher level.

If DEC get completely removed then it will really become very difficult to update the Guild and Guild update is one of the strongest part of economy as players will get SPS rewards for taking part in Guild brawls.

Ways to earn DEC going forward (26-July-2022).

Even you can still get DEC by renting cards but it is more like of re circulation of existing DEC from one party to other without creating a new supply. Burning the cards can still create DEC but it will be uneconomical.

So look like DEC will be minted for Liquidity Pools rewards and this system not only provide liquidity in the DEC market but incentivize the user to provide DEC liquidity also. (more details can br read here

20M DEC / Month - DEC-BUSD Pool on PancakeSwap (BSC)
20M DEC / Month - DEC-DAI Pool on Uniswap (Ethereum)
20M DEC / Month - DEC-HIVE Pool on Hive Engine (Hive)
10M DEC / Month - SPS-DEC Pool on Hive Engine (Hive)

In the hindsight it is also clever move as it will prevent DEC to be dumped after airdrop as many players were holding DEC for the airdrop points.

I will like to DEC price to climb and go for DEC-BUSD pool in the https://cubdefi.com/farms that I think that will make a pool similar to stable coin vs stable coin (if DEC reaches peg) and top of it I can earn cub tokens that will be nice to have as they will be help in getting airdrop if in future Leofinance Defi ecosystem expands.

And in case if you are interested in getting both DEC and SPS rewards, then I think SPS-DEC pool can be a good choice as this pool has both DEC and SPS as rewards

In case you need pool information that is in the below guide:
https://docs.splinterlands.com/dark-energy-crystals/providing-liquidity but look like this guide is not updated so it is better to confirm in official channel and discord.

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Note for my affiliates

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I saw few of the player joined the game using my affiliate link and then stopped playing after few battles. If you have any difficulty in playing game, do not hesitate and join the game discord. It is really helping community and contact me here or on discord, I will definitely review your game for your better game experience.


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Thanks for letting me know about that. I really wish they would stop changing the token mechanics of the game. It's really enough to run people off.

It's like they are taking away the play to earn aspect of things at this point. Unless they are just planning on replacing it with SPS tokens.


Yes , they are replacing DEC with SPS now, No fixed date yet but anytime soon after 26 July.

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Okay well that makes sense. So basically DEC won't be worth much soon and we need to get rid of it is what you are saying, haha.


That is very tricky thing but DEC will be still accepted at peg at SL store ,irrespective whatever is market value below peg.
SPS will be accepted at market price only.

But whole thing is that many people are holding DEC for airdrop points and exactly what they will do will decide the market.

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I think you forgot to mention how you can change SPS into DEC when DEC is at or above the $1 peg.

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I am not sure if this functionality is created or in pipeline for creation.

But I think if DEC goes over peg this time , team will definitely give some conversion facility.

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Thanks for sharing! - @alokkumar121