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use.png Yes we all love money and easy money we love even more. Hive has made it possible to earn money easily but only by giving something of value to the community and yet people want to make money without contributing to the community and resolve to frauding the system.
linne.space.png The first idea which comes to their mind is plagiarism (copying and pasting peoples work /articles /blog posts without permission and giving attribution) and it is the most common in this community, Because of technological advancements, plagiarised articles are easily detected so people tend to reword or rephrase articles thinking that it cannot be detected but it can. Another way people plagiarise is by copying some parts of an article or reordering the article, like the upper part will come last and the lower part will come first. linne.space.png
Plagiarism gives the community a bad name in googles face because when google detects plagiarism from the community, google assumes that the whole community has plagiarised and this could make google not to suggest articles from the hive blockchain to searchers.
The main way to earn money in hive communities is through your post which could be by writing articles or posting pictures but mainly by writing articles and some people find it hard to write and that is why 4th hey are different on the hive blockchain so no matter what topic you can write or post on , there is a community for it.
linne.space.png I have exhausted the first part of The topic which is plagiarism and the other is getting insights on what to post on hive blockchain just like this post which I got insights from my old account were i plagiarized and my earnings were cancelled hive watchers. I dont want this to happen to anyone because even plagiarizm can take some time to achieve and your r earnings will still be cancelled by hive watchers so it is not worth your time at all.
linne.space.png Focus more on writing what you can and put it out for the community to Judge wether you deserve to earn from it or not and never have a high expectationfor your post because it could dissapoint you but instead write and post more and more articles and i assure you that one of those articles will generate some cash. Never forget the earning potential on the hive blockchain because before now i never earned any money online but after I met with hive and hive communities i started earning some money and also improving my writing skills and coupled with all the useful informations i get. I am currently focused on leofinance because people in leofinance commuinty dont hesitate to upvote good and high quality articles and also because i earn their tokens (LEO) which is currently $0.21 and increasing.
I wish you luck with your hive journey
Dont forget to upvote, Thank you for reading and all the best to you.

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