Splinterlands Rewards : Practicing Is The Only Way To Utilize & Understand The Blockchain Game

As a Newbie who is interested in playing splinterlands, I can assure you that your first week will be filled with frustration because…

This Is Why CryptoExchanges Are Shutting Down In South Korea

As part of the country’s new regulations for companies that are involved with digital assets, any company that didn’t meet the…

NFT Minting Will Be Available On Pancakeswap

Pancakeswap is one of my best DEX platforms. It’s on the Binance SmartChain and am sure it’s one of the most used defi platforms on the…

Cryptocurrency’s Inevitability Is Gradually Happening

Few weeks ago PayPal announced to their UK users that they will be given access to buy, sell and hold bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies…

The Government Of El Salvador is Being Investigated On Bitcoin’s Law

The El Salvador’s government is being investigated by the El Salvador’s court of accounting. We have seen how the president and his…

Celebrities Are Investing In A Decentralized Blockchain Music Streaming Platform

The world is evolving and changing, it’s right the music industry benefit from this change and technology. If you are a music lover and…

Crypto.com Partners With e-sport Fnatic

Crypto.com just announced their first ever e-sport partnership with Fnatic. Fnatic is a popular e-sport organization that is based in…

Utopis: Latest Hive Engine Token Added To My Portfolio

source Currently I have been looking for ways to expand my earning income, this is because, as humans, we naturally always want m

Incognito NFTs (ICON)

Lately I have been doing lots of window shopping on NFTs. It’s like going to the mall to find things you like but they are too expensive…

El Salvadorien Anti Bitcoin Protest And Vandalized Bitcoin ATM On Their Independence Day

The citizens of El Salvador have shown their disinterest towards bitcoin adoption as a legal tender in the country. But the protest…

1,200% Growth In Bitcoin Adoption In Africa Within A Year

Few weeks ago I heard the Nigerian government will be developing the country’s very own CBDC(Central Bank Digital Currency). It’s going to…

Blockchain’s Transparency: Open Sea Inside Trading

Opensea, the Ethereum based NFT market place openly stated that an employee used an inside information to buy an NFT item before they…

The Stablecoin Alternative

Most of us grew up hearing older ones talk about how things were cheaper back in their days. They seemed intriguing to us as we always try…

How Can I Keep Up With Buying The Dip?

Few days ago we saw the dip in the market, I watched some of my coins dip, the entire crypto market cap dipped from $2.2 trillion to $2.03…

Finally Completed My Earth Quest And Got A Reward

For weeks I have been stuck in completing my earth quest. This is majorly because I don’t know how to use the earth cards. I preferred…

I Guess El Salvador’s Bitcoin Adoption Is Working Fine So Far

Glad to see the progressive procedure the El Salvador’s government are taking to make sure they utilize the best use of bitcoin. When it…

African & Nigerian Richest Man Advises Nigerians To Invest In Cryptocurrency

I personally was shocked when I saw this news because I know that Aliko Dangote is very close to the government. Aliko Dangote is the…

Hive Price Stays Greening While Others Are Bleeding Red

I can’t talk about the price of hive well enough because I stay being proud of Hive everyday. It’s ironic how few months ago when I was…

It’s Been A Worthy Journey On Leofinance & My LeoPower

Leofinance was the platform I discovered before hive. I read about Leofinance on an article on publishox and I decided to register. While…

Another Bitcoin Shopping Spree From Michael Saylor

At least this has given a little hope to the crypto community and a lot of power to Microstrategy. Michael Saylor just announced on Twitte