AlchemistDefi : An underrated Defi

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Alchemist defi is a defi platform that people are using to earn passive income regardless of the bear market. Alchemist defi unlike other failed defi project has lasted since April. Alchemist defi has two tokens which are the Mist and Aurum. The Defi helps convert your crypto to Mist in the first layer, then use the Mist to start earning Aurum ( Gold) in the second layer.

Aurum stands for Gold, that’s the Latin name. Just as Gold is a store of value, Aurum is intended to be one. Aurum is very scarce because of its low emission rate. The platform is hoping in the future, investors that possess Aurum will be able to cast vote on the platform.

Also the APR is massively high giving you an APR of 350%. These tokens have massively low supply.





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