It’s Never Been Simpler To Create Income Online

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I’m sure you can agree with me on this one, from the world criticizing the internet to the world making a living off the internet, just shows how the world is evolving and how technology has grown with time. Obviously earning online means you have to have access to the internet, so when earning online this means earning on the internet, and the internet is almost every where. The internet brings the world to you and brings you to the world, without leaving your space. Which is one of the greatest inventions of life, gone are those days when everyone depended on offline work more, today it’s easier for someone to earn a living through online means.
This is something I am most grateful for, coming from country, or rather being in a country with high unemployment, this is the best time to be grateful for the internet. The internet has done a lot for me and others like me, because in this country, getting a well paying job that can sort to it bills and still leave you with some to have fun is almost impossible, but with the help of the internet you can do that, through crypto and freelancing. I have seen people survive off freelancing for years and live way more comfortably than corporate workers in Nigeria.

The internet, or rather the online work force doesn’t really care if you are male, female, tall, short, fat or slim the internet just needs your skills, sometimes they don’t even want your name, they just need your online skills. I have never seen an online job description or application that specified physical features, these are things we see happen offline. You might not get the job, not because you are not worthy, but because the HR didn’t like the way you look or was being sentimental.

Aside that, the internet has created versatile means of earning online, people can work online all because of the internet, its not limited to one industry, crypto for instance, with the help of the internet, people can earn online with ease, with their mobile phone and a laptop, they can perform tasks that gets them paid well. Its the best time to be alive.

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That's true bro, this is why there is a need for the country to adopt decentralized system where people don't have to wait for jobs but could work from home.

Thanks for sharing

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exactly, crypto has created the awareness