SPS token Price is Falling! Time to Buy more

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SPS is one of the tokens that I have been bullish on since the beginning. These days its price has started falling again and now it is less force and I think is very low. This is the lowest price as far as I have seen in the market and I do not know what is going on with this token. If the reason for this price fall is because of no market then I can understand otherwise I do not see any problem with the project and even with the community.

Added Reward with SPS

We have got the option to earn another token with increased SPS holding and that token price is much higher than SPS in the market. SPS is a governance token of the sprinterlands game and as promised earlier by the team that there will be many opportunities for people who hold SPS for the long term. Keep on bringing various opportunities and because of these reasons, I expect a lot of people will prefer to hold more amount of SPS in their wallets.


Even though I am doing the same but the current falling price brings two scenarios for the community I believe. The first option you that we can buy more SPS at a lower price and start earning the increased AirDrop GLX with immediate effect. The second option would be to buy in small parts and not in one go because if the price drops then you will be able to get even more to come which I think would be a good idea.

It is about making the right choice at the right time and I think the current time is the right time will when we can at least buy some. I just check the price in the market as well as in the game portal and it is the lowest ever as of now. As per the current rate, we can get more in 25000 tokens for $1000 which I think is a great deal for anyone having a long-term goal with this token. I am not able to buy for such a big amount which is $1000 but surely I am planning to buy a few $100 worths of SPS soon.

Buying Opportunities with SPS

It often happens when the market is down then we can just try to go away and leave the segment which I think is a good opportunity for the people who are in strong hands to buy at the lower price and weight for the right. Even though the market is low these days but I am not concerned as I know that things are not new and even not happening for the first time like this. This has happened multiple times in the past and I expect that this will happen again and again whenever there is some negative news around in the market. The crypto market is highly influenced by negative news or even positive news so the sentiments are decided by a majority of news floating around.



My current SPS holding is more than 17000 tokens in total and my goal is to reach 20000 this year but seems like I will be able to do much more than this within the same here if the price remains like this. I am keeping a close eye on the price and if it seems stable at this range or even drops then I will plan out my further strategy that how many tokens how will be buying during this discounted period.

I will certainly increase my goal with spheres if I can accumulate a good number of coins this year and hopefully I can make it to the coal as 25000 SPS this. I am expecting that with the increased state I will be able to get more tokens every day from genesis Lee and that will be a kind of additional reward on the investment along with the standard apr that we are getting in the game account.

Thank you so much
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