New Green Crypto Fever! China Miners Getting Prepared

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Because of this currency, Chinese miners buy HDDs and SSDs like fresh water!



Although Chia is not yet listed, this coin is causing fever in the mining world of China, many people have spent huge sums of money to buy HDDs and SSDs to wait for the launch of Chia.

It seems that cryptocurrency miners in China have realized the potential of Chia, so the components that serve the currency, such as HDD and SSD, are purchased. Lately, a lot of people are asking to buy storage devices like HDD and SSD, they are buying everything old or new.
According to the HKEPC news site, Chinese miners are accumulating HDDs and SSDs, especially SSDs, which are being bought a lot ... the only reason is that Chia will be coming soon.

Chia, an emerging currency in China, is known to be shabby, but its exploitation is different from most others.

If you want to extract Bitcoin or Ethereum, as a miner you have to be equipped with a huge GPU configuration such as RX3080 or more specialized mining equipment such as ASICs, then with Split and that allows miners to take advantage of it. Free space on HDD and SSD to exploit.

As a result, Chinese miners have called Chia the greenest cryptocurrency because they do not need to use too much electricity to mine it.

It is not clear what the mining mechanism of this coin is. However, Chia's father, Bram Cohen, said that "HDDs and SSDs are storage devices that consume less energy, cheaper and more readily available than GPUs for operating Ethereum."

HDD and SSD are needed to divide the mining, to leave a large amount of space, because this coin extraction software runs a lot of data for reading and writing instructions, it can be understood that the more space available, you get more mining.

In addition, another important factor is that the reading and writing speed of the device must be fast and stable, so that you have a higher chance of exploitation.

Although not officially launched, Chia is attracting a lot of attention in China, creating a wave of FOMO, causing many people to hunt for HDDs and SSDs to prepare "ammunition" to exploit this currency.

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Will you be mining Chia once it's on?

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