Summoning RUNI from opensea to Splinterlands battlefield and some future speculations....

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It has been little more than 51 days since RUNI-core came to existence into ETH blockchain. Since than the excitement has been at peak about how this special NFT is going to perform in battles. Couple of days ago players who were able to purchase/mint RUNI are now finally able to summon RUNI into Splinterlands and use it in the game play. I was able to see some users sharing their gameplay and it was sort of epic to see something quite unique.

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An NFT card which is on ETH blockchain but it has a use case. It can be used in the gameplay of Splinterlands and that even is on another blockchain. The bridge between two blockchain and making it work closely is indeed an achievement. Nice work done by the team of Splinterlands.

#### How to bring RUNI to Splinterlands

Go to Splinterlands
Click on items tab

Screenshot 2022-12-17 120534.png

Click on Manage RUNI

Once that phase is done and your metamask wallet is connected (the MM account that you used to purchase RUNI) click on runi and just assign it to your account. It will take a transaction fees from your ETH account and once that is done you will find your RUNI into your Splinterlands account.


Once you go through every steps and summon your RUNI you will see your RUNI within the game and you are ready to go. While notice the traits! Those are what makes our Runi unique from one another. My Runi is not that epic since some of the traits are not much great than it was suppose to be. But yet nothing can be done as of this moment since I have to go with what I have. Although, I got three unique features in my RUNI HEAD BODY

I am going to keep my RUNI and see what it prevails for me in the future.

Screenshot 2022-12-17 121052.png

### Use-cases

Runi is indeed a unique and useful card if it gets to be used in perfect condition. Which makes it quite beneficial to have it in the deck. Since they will not be printed anymore, which makes it a valuable card as well. While there might be something which could make this little bit more interesting. By that I mean to say, since RUNI is an unique card on ETH blockchain this could be used as a nice opportunity to market it and share with the world to bring in more users to the game.

There are plenty of NFT's available out there. But almost all of them do not have any proper use case. This time its different. RUNI not only made a breakthrough of utilizing a NFT via two blockchain but it also has shown a way that owning an NFT on a particular chain can be used elsewhere on another completely different blockchain. Just think about it, if this simple but yet effective use cases can be implemented on other NFT's it could be a massive gain for the NFT world. We always have been thinking about the fact of how NFT's are use less but just based on HYPE they have gained so much popularity over the time. With this NFT's can see a whole new world of growth.

Since RUNI is a great achievement of Splinterlands, owning it is a privilege. SL team has somehow shared that in future there might be some extra benefits of owning an this card. It is not a confirm news but I hope we get to see something cool about this and all the users who have purchased this card can make something out of their investment apart from owning this card. I have been getting my head around how it can be utilized in games or give some extra benefits for its card holders.

What if possible benefits of owning RUNI ;)

When land will be live and players will be able to utilizethe Land, RUNI owners can get some additional benefits for holding RUNI in their account. Well, probably using RUNI on lands can give an additional 10,20 or 30% additional power to get resources from those lands. Well, that could be a case ;) Also, there could be a land where only RUNI owners can reside and that land will have additional benefits ;)

So many possibilities will open when Land gets introduced and operational. I am really sort of excited to see what really awaits for us in the coming days of Splinterlands. Which is why I am trying to utilize every opportunity at hand and grab the assets of Splinterlands ingame and improving my deck as we speak. It is going to be a long run but at the end of the day it will be really worth it.

Images shared from Splinterlands

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