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Mint Process

The Runi NFTs will be minted via a smart contract published to the Ethereum blockchain and will cost roughly $500 in ETH each. The exact amount of ETH will be fixed based on the current USD market price of ETH close to the mint date. This means that players who would like to mint a Runi will need to have enough ETH in a self-custodial wallet to purchase the Runi and to pay the applicable gas fees for the minting transaction. Players can mint as many Runi as they would like until the cap is reached.


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Thanks! I guess we'll need to wait until more details come out about the exact process of minting. Personally I'm hoping it can all be done inside the Splinterlands website (since we had to connect our ETH wallet in)... but it's not a huge big deal if it can't.

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I hope so too, I don't like the idea of claiming Splinterlands assets outside of the Splinterlands game. Inside game & outside would be ok.

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