Salivating At The Prospect Of Buying Cheaper Coins Later On

Ethereum is under $1900. Doge is at 19 cents. Stablecoins are rising through the ranks of cryptocurrencies. Altcoins are taking a severe…

Unpopular Opinion: US Monetary Policy Is The Dog That Wags The Tail That Is Crypto

Don't believe me? Maybe you believe Willy Woo, a popular crypto analyst who has been active on Twitter for years. Source:

The Biggest Crypto Whale

By Federalreserve - powell_jerome_060512_8x10, Public Domain, Forget about Elon Musk, he's flyweight compared to the Chairman of the…

What About Wrapped Bitcoins On Hive As A Payment Network In El Salvador?

Source: Wikipedia, Public Domain El Salvador has made Bitcoin legal tender as the first country in the world. The Central American co

Volatility Has Increased From The Previous Bitcoin Four-Year Cycle

Suorce: Just compare the price action between the 2013 bull market top and the 2017 bull market top to the price action since the 2017…

The Wealthiest Americans Pay Very Little Taxes

By Itrytohelp32 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Billionaire's Row, NYC

A Nice Uptick In The Prices Of HIVE And LEO

Earlier today, LEO spiked to almost 40 cents and HIVE is slowly creeping up from 40 cents. Hive has a two very positive developments…

Another Piece Of High-Value Content From Uncomplication

I've been following this channel with great interest ever since the Wyckoff distribution video last month that blew up the popularity of…

Hive Is On A Tear

I recall someone presenting a theory that Justin Sun is buying up HIVE to bury us. :) Bring it on! A new hard fork would take place. At…

When Will The Crypto Price Action Turn Bullish Again?

I've got some fiat on the sidelines right now and I'm keenly watching the price action of most of the major cryptocurrencies, which…

See You At $5, THORChain(RUNE)?

When RUNE started ripping up from about $5 in late March, I regretted not buying the dip because RUNE went up all the way to $20 before…

A Wyckoff Accumulation Pattern In The Cards Next?

I've already written about how the April top of Bitcoin was a Wyckoff distribution pattern resulting in a crash at the tail end. I think…

Like A Breath Of Fresh Air

It will be interesting to see whether central banks really manage to keep asset bubbles from crashing forever. I tend to agree with Harry…

Will Expectations Of Higher Inflation Actually Hurt Bitcoin And Crypto At Least In The Short Term?

Commodities have been in a bull market as the economy has been picking up lately. Inflation has also been going up. Things like timber…

Replacing Taxation With Money Printing Presupposes A Lot Of Things Politically And Monetarily

Here's a brief explanation of what Modern Monetary Theory is all about if you haven't heard of it. The idea of doing away with taxation…

Is Bitcoin In A Rising Wedge?

Source: Coinmarketcap That's the 30-minute chart of Bitcoin from Tradinview via Coinmarketcap. Do you think this makes sense? If…

Beware Of The Campaign Of FUD By Bitcoin's Newest Whales

Scott Minerd is the Chief Investment Officer of Guggenheim Investment, a giant in investment and asset management. Guggenheim invested…

This Bull Market Is Increasingly Starting To Look Like 2013/2014

Source If you look at the price action between the 2013/2014 bull market top and the 2017 bull market top, then you can see how smooth

The Previous Crypto Bull Markets Were Retail Driven - This Time Is Different

We've got the institutions on board now. We'd better watch out. We're in the same tank with sharks. What this means is ruthless…

How I Experienced The 2017 Bullmarket And The Ongoing One

It's been only a year since the mining reward of Bitcoin halved. The bull market should not end, yet, at least if the past is any guide.…