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I've been recently watching some youtube videos from Benjamin Cowen intothecryptoverse. I encourage you to take a look at this work, I enjoyed it so much.

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The risk indicator

This indicator aggregates some risk indicators that oscillate from 0 to 1 and then does the average. It shows clearly when you can buy Bitcoin with exceptionally "low risk". The parts highlighted in blue are when the risk indicator is ranged between 0 - 0.1, this is the lowest range.

We actually are in this zone, so this could be a good spot to buy. Does this mean that Bitcoin can't go lower? No. In fact, I actually believe that we will go lower in the following months.

But at some point things will reverse and we will start visiting new highs, don't forget your bag of shitcoins.


Full risk indicator

This is how it looks the full risk indicator, with all the variables. (see image below).

It's clearly visible that it's a good metric to identify the tops and bottoms of the Bitcoin price. I am planning to get access to the platform intothecryptoverse.com, specially when we start the bull market. The most important thing you should do in a bull market is to secure profits! This 2022 has been long and boring, but good times will come and I want to be sure that I have a plan.


I will do a recap of the year and set some goals for 2023.

Enjoy the holidays!

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