Economic and sport news with an impact on the economy.

Want to know some contract numbers and what messi won during his time at Barcelona, ​​the highest paid player even

Some news about the world economy

This is a cross post of @ricestrela/some-news-about-the-world-economy by @ricestrela.My two economic news today

Some news about the world economy

Economy News

My breaking and BREAKFAST alive

Today in alive I want to share with you the first photo you take at Johnny's bar in Peniche. Very nice place, friendly people. Ambient…

My fraeam this legendary card


Dream card Risingstar

With 500 fans and 250 skill it is without a doubt a card, which I will try to get for the collection. Luck 50 is excellent and 4 IM is…

My best card today


Garay's departure from the lawns and the actions of benfica with investments

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Benfica and the million euros scandal

The president of Sport Lisboa e Benfica has just submitted his resignation after the scandal of the operation of the police entities…

Economic news

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Some world economic news

The GDP, which is the gross domestic product of the UK, grew 0.8% in May if we take into account the previous month of April, but even so…

Some news market economy and others

Did you know that the news has just come out that Brussels has just fined two huge multinationals Volkswagen and

Economy and multinationals

In the last few hours, the G7 had a meeting and the news advanced by the press was agreed to implement a 15% tax, which is a minimum tax…

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BITCOIN 28 802,38 euro DOGE 0,232926 ![untitled.gif](

Bitcoin and doge price


Price Bitcoin doge and vet


New price Bitcoin and Doge


Itcoin and doge now


Some prices

Brent Price 74,73 Golden price 1,777.69 Dollar price ![untitled.gif](

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