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In my country (Spain) they have been warning about the tax pressure that they are going to impose on people who own cryptocurrencies. The truth is that in my country the monetary policy has been disastrous, rescued by the BCE (Central European Bank) and by the CE (European Commission) warning us about our possible subsequent crises (at least they warn of a near danger). Since 2020 they began to convey that "FEAR" to people so that those who try to hide information will be punished with surreal fines, well first prove my holdings, my ledger does not identify me fiscally and I have a thousand ways to use my money through foreign accounts, if they ask I will tell them that I was on vacation. The government says that they're creating such an organism that regulates and controls this type of activity. In December of this 2021 anyone who has more than 49,999 euros in "value" of cryptocurrencies in an exchange will have the obligation to declare it or will be penalized. On December 29, many of those who still have something left in the exchanges will have already transferred their tokens in order to comply with the law on that date, after who knows what will happen, what I have very clear is that at the moment in which I give them information I will have them chasing me back all the years. We need to fly away from that controlled system.

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