Financial Goals 2021- My take on the initiative

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Sometimes, you have unintended consequences. When I read about the Financial Goals 2021 initiative on @leofinance, I thought it to be one another contest on Hive. There are ongoing initiatives and I typically do not follow them as they have conditions to fulfill and it's (not always) tiring to comply with the rules. The financial goals 2021 was timely as we were going into the new year and the crypto market was rallying like crazy. Who does not want to talk about the assets they are holding for three years and that is finally pumping? :P

I also published a post with my financial goals for 2021. You can read it here where I outlined why I want 1 BTC and a house in 2021 :P

Almost a week after the publication, I am already nervous with my prediction and attempt. I said, I would like to have 1 BTC and 10K Leo. With the price action we are witnessing now, it is really difficult for anyone to own 1 BTC and 10K leo. And, if the price explodes for both assets as being predicted at the moment, I would be happy if I reached 50% of the goal. Who knows what will happen in the next 12 months? One year in the cryptosphere is 5 outside of it. We all know that.

Coming back to the initiative, I thought this was one of the most successful and widely participated events on Hive since the time I joined the platform. I personally benefited from the initiative because I get to know how other community members approach with their holdings. It also provided me with the information which otherwise would not be revealed by users.

Coin discovery

I now know about new coins that are out there in the market with a great potential ahead. RUNE and AVA are the platform darlings but I also learned about Cake. The posts provide additional insight on why people think crypto assets are for the future and how they are keeping crypto assets as a hedge against fiat inflation.

Life lessons

I never thought that community members would write about their life experiences and associate that with their financial goals. When you write your life lessons and provide rational arguments on why you have your financial goals set like that, it is more powerful. I read a couple of posts including @jk6276 where writers put their heart out in explaining how they achieved financial freedom through crypto. Read his post here, it's a gem of an article on how to write your blog post :D Individuals will value their assets more when the crypto assets and financial freedom are intertwined with each other. They became our long term goal and we tend to keep them secure.

Kudos to the organizer and thanks @leofinance for promoting the event. It makes sense that we organize more events like that in the future. It's fun and educational at the same time. I am a patient reader and I read almost all of the posts written on this initiative. It's great.

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