Banned On Twitter After Two Days

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Well I guess it serves me right. I decided to do some advertising for my NFT project on Twitter and was almost immediately disappointed with the results despite the fact that it has been happening to people forever.

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Twitter has now suspended my account and though they said I would be given a way to unlock the account by verifying my email is tied to the account (which makes very little sense), I have not yet seen that option populate on my feed.

My account is now stuck in read only mode. Even though it wasn't a popular account, it has been my main vessel for advertising thus far and I was very slowly gaining a bit of traction. Though I'm confident that I will get the account unlocked within a day or so (as I don't think I actually committed any violation of the rules), this is super discouraging when you are just getting started at marketing your product.

I have been wildly motivated to get this project done because I believe that it has a real future to be successful, but this was a big blow to my confidence on it. I know the art isn't so spectacular as some of these wild NFT projects I have seen, but it was made to the best of my ability and I believe that the fundraising mechanism behind the project has some real merit to it.

This ban shows just how strong web 3.0 really will be. Sure, there will be people posting a bunch of crap and things that you don't want to be seeing on your timeline, but that is why we have downvoting and the MUTE button! I don't think that Twitter needs Jack Dorsey to decide that my PNG of a shark is content that they shouldn't be seeing, they have a block button that works just fine if they don't want to see it...

I am pretty annoyed today if that is not obvious. I am beginning to understand how upsetting this would be for the big influencers and accounts on sites like YouTube that get taken down for violating vague community guidelines. Though my account is not as large as the one's I am referencing, the feeling of confusion and frustration at having something you have worked hard on get censored is ridiculous.

I used Twitter because there is a huge community of people talking about and advertising NFT's. It doesn't seem like they have issues with Twitter while they are doing it, so it is very confusing why my 10 follower account is the one getting flagged.

Screw it. I'll just keep going the best I can. Jack Dorsey sucks.

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