Bitcoin is flying to historical peak price

Bitcoin is so tired of hitting the bottom with pressures and rhetoric for a long time that it is now both taking over the market and…

Cowen Corridor and Bitcoin

Do you know Cowen Corridor Theory @leofinance reader ? Lets start.. Popular cryptocurrency expert Benjamin Cowen thinks that BTC bears…

Terra Coin usage expands

Hello @leofinance and hive readers. In this article, I will share a news about Terra coin Luna. If you are trading with Terra, I am sure…

17th October 2021 most searched altcoins

Hello @leofinance and #hive readers I will try to present you the most searched and researched popular altcoins today. 17th October 2021…

Bitcoin price increase is good but no bull rise

As the bitcoin price increases, the mobility of the altcoin markets continues. Bitcoin was the most popular coin in the early days. but…

What happens if a dog is named in cryptocurrency?

The value of this cryptocurrency increased by 2400 percent in one day. Cryptocurrencies have become so diverse and divided that I…

Institutional purchases boost bitcoin price

Hello leofinance readers, are you wondering why the price of Bitcoin has increased in the last few days? Will fall blow bitcoin…

They can ban cryptocurrencies but they can't ...

Which will be the 6th country in the world to accept cryptocurrencies? ![image.png] Resistance and support for cryptocurrencies are…

How low can you go?

Do you like to sell for a loss? I was asked by some colleagues today as to what value I think Bitcoin (they are invested predominantly…

My update translation of Ecency Vission/Mobile for Indonesian Language

Hello Hivers and Ecency Lovers around the world, @ecency Application has been a great application of Hive Blockchaib and I love using it…

Cryptocurrencies are rising Cardano heralds the bull rise- Kripto Paralar yükseliyor Cardona dikkat çekici (en-tr)

Cardano heralds the rise of cryptocurrencies **Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continue to recover day by day and their prices…
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Top 3 Sites for Earning Cryptocurrency (Hive-HBD-LEO) Online

Earn Money Online by Writing, Taking Photos and Sharing Videos Sounds great doesn't it? Think of a website, but also a social media…

Cardano runs hand in hand with Bitcoin

Hello dear #Leofinance Users and readers, I am writing to you today to share my thoughts on Cardano's rise and ADA. On the other hand…

$KNC green candle to the upside

Source Before the big breakout just an hour or two ago, I noticed throughout the day leading up to, coins lik

[Liquid]$100 million cryptocurrency stolen

[Image Source](

Walmart announces crypto expert why it is important for me

Walmart company sends positive message to crypto world Walmart may be a department store company, the reason people buy from that…

HBD price started to rise

Hello #Leofinance readers, my first encounter with the Hive ecosystem was thanks to leofinance. I tried to write and share articles here…

Hurry Up 😊AUDIO coin running today ! What is AUDIO crypto

Hello #leofinance readers. Today, I will introduce you to a crypto currency that I have invested and attracted my attention. I'm sure…

No bullet goes for an idea whose time has come.

It is a very reassuring development for me that the world's most popular football players like Messi are paid with bitcoin. **Elon…

Hive yükselmeye devam ediyor

Herkese Selam, Uzun zamandır kripto paralardaki dalgalanma ve düşüş ,yerini Amozon şirketininde etkisiyle yükseliş eğrilerine…