RE: I'm Pretty Much Done With Twitter, Focusing on LeoFinance, Peakd, and Dbuzz

2 days ago
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the world, (or at least the US for sure) has gone mad.

it's kind of funny (kind of not) I grew up in florida as a southern redneck listening to lynyrd skynyrd and waving the rebel flag

i didnt really know it was a battle flag for pro slavery - i just thought it was a piece of cloth that was for rebels going 'against the grain'

Once i actually knew what it represented I gave it up

we moved to the pacific northwest to raise our kids because the edumacation is a little better

I'll admit i'm not the brightest bulb in the box - but i just don't know how SO MANY people can actually believe in that conspiracy shit - those people are just batshit crazy.

I would blame it on the education system - but I'm 50ish - the same age as the rest nutballs that belive that crap.

I just don't get it - maybe it's something in the water LOL

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