Hashkings: Still rented a land in Africa

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I actually thought I will not going to rent any land and my plan was to burn my BUDS and I was doing the same as I am constantly burning the Buds earned and converting them to the MOTA


As you see in above image that I have staked 35.48 MOTA in South America land pools so that I can get some free seed on every Sunday due to my MOTA stake.

So I have no interest in renting the lands as I already have 8 plots in South America and apart from staking MOTA, I was thinking to buy 2 South American plot to take my count to 10 but actually not thinking to get the rented plot.


But still I check the rental market that how much I can get if I myself rent out my plots and above rental rate caught my attention. .01 Hive rent for 3 months. I immediately rented this plot and bought a seed and planted my plot.


I am sure , I will get .01 Hive as profit in single produce and for next 3 month it will a good to check if I can get some seed for cheap and keep planting it.

If you like to join this game, you can play it here , Apart from planting , they have concepts of RAIDS and monster fights also but currently I am not exploring it.

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