So What I did with my Dunk received in curation? Just powered up.

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So What I did with my Dunk received in curation? Just powered up.

As I already mentioned in my last post that a tribe that is very specific to basketball content is is started in Hive and I am starting the curation in that tribe i.e .


Now already more than 7 days have passed and curation rewards are now pouring in and it is no brainer for me to power the rewards and create some nice curation power on this tribe.
I also observed that most of the curation power in this tribe is residing with @rob23 and @dunksocial and I guess community need to step up so that overall community can match u that power and ease some burden on tribe owner.

Issue that I faced:
I see tribe multiplier in was not working when I thought it was working. so every vote cost me full VP and I drained out of my VP and I have to wait for couple of days to be recharged.

Currently waiting for VP to revive:
Still my VP is not fully revived , may be I need a day or two to reach around full VP , after that I can resume daily curation.

Wait for claimdrop 3:
Unfortunately I missed the claimdrop 2 and I am now waiting for claimdrop 3, (Hopefully I did not missed it too.)

A buy order if some one dump.****
I put some buy order for dunk at low prices if some one dump it. May be it is starting and price discovery will take time how the tribe move forward and how much audience it .

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