LeoThreads, Splinterlands & SPK Token - My Thoughts

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"I am extremely happy that micro-content is being normalized. Look forward to seeing Leo push the boundaries further! Will be recommending." - elmerlin

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I'm happy too with these updates. It looks like Hive is developing in all areas. A few days ago, We had a huge pump and it got some of my friends coming to my DM with all sorts of questions. The most obvious one is "What exactly is Hive?". While I've heard that question so many times, it felt different because I know they were asking from the market point of view. One even asked if there is usually an announcement for when these pumps happen.

Splinterlands & Spk Network

Splinterlands just got listed on Huobi today and that's a great thing. It is a great move that would definitely affect the price and liqudity. One more thing which is important is that it would end up bringing more players and retaining the ones that are heavily invested in the system.

Another thing that got me excited is the SPK Network's latest development.

SPK Token Going Live Next Monday

I use to think running a node is a bit. difficult and I can't successfully run one with my pc, so I'm excited that the token is going live and we can delegate to an already set-up node.

While I don't know which I'd delegate too, I would certainly record the process and upload on 3speak when the token goes live.

We're all going to earn Spk


To claim your larynx for this new month!


Few hours till Leothreads is available on Hive. I'm still curious to know how this would work, if it would be available on mobile too.

Truth is, it's going to take engagement to another level! Let's see how day 1 goes anyway.

In Conclusion...

Not much to say yet as things are getting exciting. I'm happy to be part of the Ecosystem.

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Only downside is that Threads is available only on Leofinance. I never use this frontend, it is for limited content only, slow, the tags are ridiculous (e.g. go to "Bitcoin", the same Hiveposts as on the other tabs) and it is full of shilling posts internally on Hive and LEO only, dominated by just 2 posters who make a living out of the rewards. Maybe exaggerated a little. So still no microblogging site except for a small niche of users.


I agree with the interface not being so friendly that's why I asked if it would be available on mobile as I find it more convenient.

Only downside is that Threads is available only on Leofinance.

Great things happen from small places, I think others would pick it up from here, and sooner or later it would be everywhere on Hive.

Thanks for stopping by I think you exaggerated there but it's all good, I always love to see you around :)



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Everything keeps happening so fast and development keeps rolling in, I believe Leo threads will bring many changes and improvements to Leo community

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This newbie didn’t understand what he just read but it sounds like something I would want to know.


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Very cute animation! 💯

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