My 2021 Highlight : Connecting To Hivers From All Over The World

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Fate, coincidence, luck, chance … ? I don't think so. I am convinced that many times, in the course of our lives, God challenges us with a golden opportunity, a seemingly impossible hurdle, or a terrible tragedy … and how we react - or fail to react - determines the course of our future, almost as if we were involved in some sort of heavenly chess game … with our destiny always in the balance - Og Madino

Was it fate to return back to hive? Was I lucky to have found my steem keys? Was Hive the opportunity given to me in my low times? It's 4 months Already! Forget My Account creation date, My Blockchain story began in the last quarter of the 2021 and there are so many things that has happened. In this article, I bring to you my hive highlight of 2021. Thanks to @guiltyparties for the prompt. Feel free to join the Challenge here


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My Hive Highlight of 2021 has to be connecting to different Hivers from all over the world. Yes! Hive is a social Blockchain which thrives on the support of the community. I personally love social interactions and I'm glad I've been able to bring that here. I was determined not to be a regular blogger, I wanted to connect to people, I wanted to learn from people, laugh at other people jokes and also stay happy. I decided to start a show on hive in November. And I guess that was the best thing i ever did in 2021


When i made the flyer of this post, i didn't even know who i was going to interview first! I didn't know anyone that might be interested. One thing i knew for sure is that i was going to try! I aimed to interview top Hivers and ask them to explain the Blockchain through some questions right? Okay I could start from Nigerians, maybe it could be easier at least. Only one came to mind, @nonsowrites! He had a reputation of 73 at that time, he is a leader of the hive-naija community. I reached out to him and he welcomed the idea. That was the starting point of the best thing that happened to me on hive in 2021.


I have interviewed @nonsowrites, @dreemsteem, @starstrings01 and @clixmoney . All of which i never thought would have been possible. I laughed so hard in my interview with @dreemsteem. @Clixmoney talked alot about Autovotes and earning from hive which I learnt alot from. Getting my friend and Mentor @starstrings01 to come on the show brought me closer to him, more like God gave me a brother this year. @nonsowrites and I have been on camera again together after the show which shows how important hive connections has helped my year.

In Conclusion...

The show is slated to continue next year January, with more top Hivers set to join. I have been writing a lot of finance articles recently and I have been connecting here broadening my horizons. I hope next year i can have more top Hivers like @readthisplease, @josediccus , @edicted @belemo and @taskmaster4450le come on the show. I love their articles and I have alot of questions to ask them about hive.

You can check all the interviews I have done in 5 Hive Questions With Samostically - Video Compilation And Summary Of The Interviews In November

Thanks for reading.

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