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I 100% agree that I get far more engagement on the Hive than anywhere else. Oftentimes I post on Torum or FB and get zero engagement because the post is too lengthy for FB readers or the Torum audience are only interested in pursuing Torum Missions for XTM rewards lol. Having celebs on the Hive is a concern for many I am sure as it has the potential to strip away a vast proportion of the available rewards in each 7 day cycle, simply due to their status and fan following. They should, however, not be precluded from joining and being a part of this wonderful community but perhaps there may need to be further proposals down the line to protect the community as a whole and to ensure its longevity in a form that continues to promote and support everyday bloggers, authors and curators. We don't want this platform to morph into something that becomes only a voice for a few celebs such that the ordinary person on the street stands no chance at seeing any financial success on the Hive beyond the social capital that they reap, as I am aware that a lot of authors on the Hive rely on Hive earnings to supplement their income or even as their main form of income, especially when coming from more disadvantaged circumstances. If we suddenly had ready made whales joining the community in their droves, I fear it may stifle creativity in general across the platform which is not helpful to anyone. I have seen suggestions previously around limiting individual post's maximum earning capacity and perhaps there should be some sort of algorithm that excludes short twitter style posts or posts that simply repost links to other sites and even reduces the number of posts one could upload per day to avoid abuse of the system. Perhaps specialised celeb style HIVE profiles should exist which are only able to attract a maximum reward limit proportion of the total pool between them? After all, their presence here should not be at the expense of the rest of the community and given their often vast wealth, their interest should really exist more for the social capital. I'd be interested to hear views from @steevc, @calumam, @leprechaun, @richardkrill , @proofofbrainio, @onealfa and @scholaris amongst others :-) No obligation to comment of course and please no need to upvote this comment either, as this is not the reason for tagging you, but I hadn't thought of this previously and understand that it could have seriously adverse implications for the diversity of the platform and the social capital that we all gain by being a part of this great community. Perhaps some further insights from longer standing members such as yourselves who have vested interests in the platform and do so much to retain a balance and support the authors and curators across the spectrum would help everyone to understand where this may all head :-)

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