Ethereum Price is Knock Knock Knocking on the $2K Door

12 days ago
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The calls for $2k Ethereum have been loud over the past week or so. In fact, I'm surprised it didn't just moon there as ETH was performing stronger than the market to start February.

However, price did take a breather (though short lived) to gear up for the run.

Reach and Extend for that 2k!


The $2k Turnaround???

I like to have a little fun with my sub-titles, but I actually mean that question.

Price is currently pulled away from the 10 day moving average (as you know my fav overbought signal) and if ETH does make a straight push through 2K that symptom is only going to be worse.

Ideally, we get a moonshot through 2K, which leads to a reversal top that pulls us back into the 10 day MA somewhere around 1,900 likely.

This may not sound ideal since we just want prices up, up and up, but gotta have pullbacks here and there and I value the obvious ones that makes it easy to put hedging positions on for the near-term pullbacks.

Either way, ETH price is rising aggressively, but we have not quite received crazy train type action yet.

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